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About Me

I will be our first Trustee to have graduated from Natomas Unified. I also graduated from Sacramento State, where I now work in supporting and uplifting students and communities from all backgrounds.

I intend to be a committed voice for all parents, all teachers, and all students in our schools and community.

As a neighborhood leader, I know that students in our schools deserve the resources needed to succeed and thrive.


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Putting My Experience to Work

I am excited to run for the Natomas Unified School District, Area 1 school board seat in the same school district that I myself attended as a first-generation student here in Natomas. I have seen the positive effect that our schools can have for both our students and our community. I am a believer that schools are not only a place for learning and development but also for building community and sharing resources.


In my current field of work, I provide guidance to college students and connect them to mentorship, leadership and community volunteering. I know the importance of equity-based work, since I have a background in youth development working to connect underrepresented students with leadership and civic engagement opportunities. I have taught summer civics classes for high schoolers so they can begin to see how they can become leaders and advocates for where they live. I also serve as a City of Sacramento Measure U Committee Member, where I advocate for strategic and inclusive youth program funding.


To me, our students are the present -not just the future- and deserve well-thought-out investments, access to higher education or vocational skills, and a path toward career opportunities. As a school board member, I plan to lead through times of hope and adversity, by being dedicated to the principles of representation and by exercising strong consensus-building skills.


I kindly ask for your vote and support to keep moving Natomas schools forward.

Noel Mora

Candidate for Natomas Unified School District, Area 1

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